family pics 2014.

after we took brooks' one year photos we decided to sneak in some family pictures.
however, brooks had a different idea.  he would NOT cooperate and basically cried the whole time.  he was quite upset when we changed his clothes and took away his cake.. can you blame him?

even through the tears and tantrums, tregani was able to work her magic and capture some sweet candid moments and even a few good smiles.  basically she's amazing!

crazy to think that the next time we take family pictures we will have another little one in the mix!
now to decide which ones to print for our home :)

thanks treg, you are a gem!


Samantha @ Life is But a Stream of Thoughts said...

These pictures are just too cute!

Haley Phillips said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. These pictures are precious Amy!!!


Corinne Mower said...

These are adorable! You have the cutest little family!

Chastity Beene said...

Such a beautiful family!

Amy said...

Beautiful family, Amy!

Whitney B. said...

These are beautiful!! I would definitely print the one with your arms around your husband's arm. Such a sweet picture!