one random sunday.

a few sundays ago two of the most random/funny things happened in the same day that i felt like i needed to document them so i would not forget.

shortly after arriving home from church, brooks was a hot mess.  he was tired and cranky and in desperate need of a bum change.  matt laid him on the couch to change his bum and brooks was just sobbing and sobbing like his world was ending (which is unusual during a bum change.)  he was quite wet so matt decided to let him stand nakey noo for a little bit to air out.

he stood brooks up and as soon as he did brooks started peeing ALL OVER matt.  the best part was that brooks was still crying and throwing his head back and i just laughed my head off and took pictures... of course.

it seriously was SO MUCH PEE!!  he just kept going and going.

exhibit A

the next incident happened later in the evening after brooks had gone to bed.  matt and i were out on the back lawn having an uno tournament.  our backyard meets that awesome canal trail that goes from like provo canyon to cedar hills.  there are constantly people passing by and we've seen our fair share of interesting characters from time to time.

this particular night i kept hearing something in the brush.  i kept looking back but saw nothing.  all of a sudden, this human stumbles (and i mean stumbles) out of the bushes like he has no idea where he is or what he is doing.  
matt and i continue to play but are also watching closely to see what he is doing.  he stopped in the middle of the trail and just starred for a good five or so minutes and then continued walking a little bit further and closer to us.
he then stopped and starred at us for a good ten minutes.  i kid you not it was the most awkward thing ever and i was slightly creeped out.  we had our backs to him, but i kept track of him by my camera phone haha see below...

this human did not move or budge and we were feeling super weird about it.  after the longest ten minutes ever he creepily walks up to our fence, crawls through the brush and bushes, and says, "hey!"

i responded by, "can we help you?"
we then chatted with him for a few minutes and he was DEFINITELY off his rocker... drunk, high.. i'm not sure but he had no clue what was going on.
he kept telling us what a nice house we have and how beautiful it was.  that made me creeped that he was gonna come back and murder us or something.

after some small talk and him reassuring us that he can find his way home, he took off.  back into the bushes he went stumbling and nearly falling over.

it seriously was so weird.
and that my friends, is one random sunday :)

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Whitney B. said...

I laughed out loud at your pee pee story. Sooo funny. I think little boys just want to go diaperless 24/7. That guy would've totally freaked me out. I get scared easily! How y'all locked the doors!