pregnancy update: 27 weeks.

here i stand at 27 weeks, 3 days pregnant.
nearing my third trimester and all i've got is some awkward bathroom selfies.
i must say, poor baby sheila.. she is getting documented far less than brooks did.
also, for the record we are not naming her sheila... it's just what we refer to her as of now.

how far along// 27 weeks, 3 days

maternity clothes//maternity leggings, normal everything else

weight loss/gain// 10 pounds. i must say, i'm gaining a lot faster than i did with brooks. at 26 weeks with brooks i had only gained 3 pounds.  what can i say, baby girl loves food :)

best thing about this week// brooks giving my belly loves all the time.  he of course doesn't really understand, but it's still ridiculously cute.

gender// girl

name// TBD. we have 3 main names on the chopping block.  i just can't commit for some dang reason.  want to hear them?? ok, i will tell you.  in no particular order they are... harper, ryan, & remi.  i will say matt's number one is remi. but i just don't know.  feel free to give your input haha

movements// if the amount this child moves is any indication of her activity once she is on earth, then heaven help me.  she will never sleep! haha seriously though, she is ALWAYS flipping and kicking her way around my uterus...especially when i hold brooks.  they are buds already.

food cravings// cereal. the occasional taco bell burrito. fruit. hot dogs.. weird but true.
aversions// if the smell bothers me at any given point, i can't eat it.

what i miss// energy.  i have none... and yet, somehow i just keep going.

sleep// i have a hard time falling asleep some nights, but once i fall asleep i'm golden.  like i said above however, i don't think there is any amount of sleep that i could have that would make me feel awake and energized.  growing a human = sleepy amy.

what i'm looking forward to// next week i get to see her little face again.  i seriously luck out and get ultrasounds at every appointment for various reasons.  i have so many ultra sound pictures i don't even know what to do with them all.

oh baby girl, october can't come soon enough.


Lex said...

love the names!

LibTenney said...

I only have 9 days left with my baby girl and it can't come soon enough. Hang in there! Harper is my fave of all those names, super cute.

Eryka said...

Cute names, love Harper! And you look amazing!

jason & kiley. said...

I love Remi, too!! I've also seen Ryann spelled with 2 n's to make it more feminine. You are the cutest pregnant lady. Isn't it crazy how we learn to function with no energy?!

Whitney B. said...

Harper is such a sweet girl name. You look beautiful!

Amy said...

Love the names! Have you thought about adding another "n" to Ryan to make it a little more feminine? I'm torn between Ryan & Remi. :)