{six} favorites.

with summer in full swing, here are some of my favorite products that i've been using A LOT lately :)

one// urban decay 24/7 perversion eyeliner LOVE this stuff.  it glides on so smoothly, stays beautiful all day, and doesn't smear or smudge with sweat and water.  it's worth $19 for sure.

two// neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with spf 15 confession... i didn't start wearing moisturizer until about a month ago.  i know, i'm horrible.  however this stuff is bomb.  usually in the summer, my face is the only thing that gets burned.  since i've been using this every day i have yet to have a burned face...and i'm outside a lot!  my face isn't dry and of course, it doesn't leave me feeling oily.

three// herbal essences naked dry shampoo i have been wanting to try out a dry shampoo forever.  luckily, influenster sent me this stuff to try out.  it is a full size bottle so it will last a long time.  i have nothing to compare it to seeing as this is my first run with dry shampoo, but i quite like it.  i have gone multiple 4,5,6 and dare i say 7 days without washing my hair.  it's pure summer heaven. plus, it smells good!

four// eva nyc therapy session hair mask oh. my. gosh. this stuff is straight heaven. i received this in my may ipsy i believe. number one, it smells SO GOOD.. like i probably sniff it daily, it's that good.  number two, it leaves my hair feeling and looking so shiny.  since i've put bleach in my hair i've had a really hard time with it looking healthy.  after using this stuff just once, it made a huge difference.  i've tried many, many deep conditioners/hair masks and this is my fav by far.

five// nyx butter gloss everyone and their dogs is loving these right now, but can you blame them?  i love that they are not sticky like other lip glosses.  i love the formula and the pigmentation of the colors.  i love the variety of colors they have to choose from.  i pretty much just can't say enough...and i can't stay away.  i've got five already and i've got my eye on more.  i pretty much wear these daily. and ipsy also sent me one of these..score!

six// ofra universal eyebrow pencil ok so this is something that i also got in my ipsy.  i've never been one to take great care of my eyebrows (which is a shame because well groomed eyebrows make a big difference)...so i definitely have never been one to pencil mine in.  well, i tried it out one day and now i'm hooked.  this baby is eyebrow gold.  my eyebrows have improved ten fold. try it.

like i mentioned above, i recently signed up for the monthly subscription of ipsy (which is so awesome by the way).  each month they send you a cute little makeup bag full of five or six products to try.  usually they are half to full size which is great.  some of the products i have gotten i've loved so much that i am going to continue to buy and use after my samples run out.
it's ten dollars a month and so far it has definitely been way worth the money.  if you are interested in trying new products definitely check this out.

ok people, what else do i need to try?  i'm on this beauty kick where i just need to try everything... dang youtube beauty gurus.  i get so addicted.  for reals though, let me know in the comments what you are loving :)


Ali Lynn said...

If you don't have a favorite mascara yet then I recommend you try 3D Fiber Mascara. I am seriously in love and can't go without it! You can look here: YouniqueProducts.com/AliBush

Ali Lynn said...
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Blair Gardiner said...

I've always loved Nyx formulas! It's amazing when it comes to lasting power too! Have you tried Vain Pursuits?

Sharon Dale said...

What's Vain Pursuits? I keep hearing about them all over the blogosphere these days!