oregon road trip: sahalie falls.

a few weeks ago we spent traveling to the oregon coast for an extended harris family reunion.
the drive from utah through idaho is SO boring, but once you hit oregon it is top notch.  the only down fall is the speed limit drops to 55mph.

on our second travel day as we were nearing eugene, OR where we would be spending the night, we decided to meet up with some of matt's family at sahalie falls.

this is probably the most incredible water fall i had ever seen.  i wasn't thrilled about stopping because i just wanted to reach our destination, but i am so so glad that we did.

some of the crazies jumped into the water... it was FREEEEEEZING!!

at one point, matt climbed to the top of the waterfall and hung over the edge to get some pictures.. crazy if you ask me.

sahalie falls is pretty incredible.
pooch thought so too!

if you ever find yourself near eugene, OR i highly suggest the pit stop along the way.
i can't wait to go back.

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