brooks' favorite books.

brooks is loving books these days.  often times i can find him in his room looking at books and it's the cutest thing ever.  he is partial to board books these days which is probably for the better because he has also learned to tear pages.

1// waddle: this book is so cute.  it's like a moving picture book of animals and it's pretty neat.  brooks is super into animals and their sounds right now, so this book is perfect.

2// eric carle's ABC:  this book has lift and flap pages which is probably what brooks looks for most in a book.  he loves to lift the flaps himself.  eric carle has always been one of my favorite children's author/illustrator so i was happy to add this to my collection.

3// did you? peek-a-boo!: ok, this book is so darling!  each page asks a who done it question, and then has a lift and flap page with a picture of a real baby under it saying it was them.  brooks laughs hysterically and has certain babies that he likes over the others.  he gets so excited any time we whip this book out.  it's a lifesaver in church and on long car rides.

4// little blue truck: this is another animal/cars and their sounds book.  it is written so well and is perfect for little boys (and girls :).

5// moo, baa, la la la!: again, we are in an animal phase.  i love the bright colors of this book and brooks loves to point at all the animals while we say what they are.

6// where is baby's belly button?: another lift and flap book.. i'm telling ya, these are money for babies.  he is OBSESSED with lifting the flaps and laughs so hard.  he has also learned many of his own body parts from this book.

7// baby einstein 12 board book pack: this little set i got off amazon and it's probably his all time favorite.  the books are little 2x2 inch squares with a variety of topics.. shapes, numbers, letters, animals, music, etc. brooks loves to carry around the little suitcase it comes in.  since there are 12 books, these keep him entertained for a LOOONG time :)

8//let's go to the farm: this is the ultimate lift and flap book.  it goes through numbers, shapes, colors, animals, and sounds.  it's quite large, so we generally only read this one at home but it's really fun.

what books are your infants/toddlers/kids loving?
i'm always looking to add to our ever growing library.

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