throwback thursday: birthday party.

on june 15th, my baby turned ONE...and i am just now blogging about it.

we celebrated by having a swim themed party in my parents backyard.  naturally, the day we chose was a little bit on the chilly side for a summer swim party but that didn't stop the fun from being had.

some of the decor:

the lighting was awful and i was running around with my head cut off so matt snapped some photos real quick and didn't quite capture all the cute details, but i love him anyway.

the soda cans had straws attached with little googles making them a snorkle set.
similar to this.

for dessert we had these ocean cups.

the candy bar selection consisted of:
-gumballs for "beach balls"
-colored licorice for "pool noodles"
-swedish fish
-saltwater taffy

we had hot dogs, fruit, veggies, chips, and a variety of treats and dessert.

we displayed his one year photos, along with his monthly photos to show how he grew over the year.

i got brave and decided to make his cake which actually turned out pretty cute.  the kid went to town and literally ate half of it.  the next day his poop was actually blue because of the dye in the frosting haha!

brooks was so loved and spoiled by lots of family and friends.
here's to the next year.
hopefully it doesn't go by so fast!


Amy said...

Aww! So cute! Such a perfect theme for a summer birthday. :)

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

SUCH a cute party! You are darling.