maternity photos pt. 1 + 37 week bumpdate.

my extremely talented sister in law, trina was kind enough to take some maternity photos at 37 weeks.
i absolutely love her indoor/lifestyle, style and eye for photography.  she was able to capture the most precious moments between brooks and i during this shoot, which i will post in a separate post.  this one i will dedicate to baby girl bump date.
also, i'm obsessed with this kimono so if you have seen it or see it again on me in any form of social media, don't say i didn't warn you. haha i literally could wear it everyday.

how far along//37 weeks, 2 days (but getting induced at 39 weeks :)

maternity clothes//maternity leggings are still my best friend.  normal everything else but mostly i just wear dresses and skirts cuz it's too bloody hot for pants.

weight// 23 pounds of pure mango mt. dew and slurp sugar cookies. #noregrets

best thing about this week// having the doctor tell me that baby girl is most likely going to be smaller than brooks.  i was nervous i was going to have a 10+ pounder.  also knowing that in two weeks we will have a sweet, heaven sent baby girl.

gender// girl

name// gah! this is so hard for me. i think it may be harper... or remi. or i might just whip out some random name when she's born.  there is a chance she will go home without a name. quick, give me your best suggestion! oh, she has a middle name though.. it shall be jayne.

movements// i'm counting my lucky stars because i have never once had a lack of movement scare.  she is insane even this far along.  i'm pretty sure she's destined to be a gymnast.

food cravings// nothing really.  food doesn't ever sound delicious, but i'm constantly hungry.  i eat lots of cereal..it's my go to.
aversions//vegetables, especially cooked. and anything that smells gross.

what i miss// walking like a normal human.  i am having SO MUCH sciatica and SI joint problems on my right side.  i literally can barely walk most days and carrying brooks around makes it 700 times worse.  you would think laying down would be the best relief but that's actually when it hurts the most.  so, i've pretty much given up on a good nights rest.  i've been going to the chiropractor and hoping that after a few more visits it will help.

sleep// i could definitely use more of it.  between back pain and brooks being sick, there have been a lot of sleepless nights.  such is pregnancy life.

what i'm looking forward to// my next appointment where i found out a for sure induction date! 

i'm so ready for this baby girl to get here... except for the 100's of things on my list of things to do.  is my hospital bags packed? nope.  do i know who is going to take care of brooks and his plans while we are in the hospital? not a clue. is my house as clean as i desire? ha! not even close.

buuuuut, i'm really good at winging it, so feel free to come anytime baby girl.


Lex said...

You look absolutely beautiful! Pregnancy definitely suits you. :)

Whitney B. said...

Sooooooooo you are GORGEOUS!!! Wow mama!! I love your headboard too!

jason & kiley. said...

Your bed is amazing! Did you make it? Those pics are awesome. You always look so good pregnant! I feel ya on the sciatic nerve pain, especially when I carry my 26 pound toddler, and I'm only 20 weeks! Does your sister in law travel to davis county, what are her prices or contact info? I am wanting a lifestyle newborn session at my home, if it would work well enough and if I can get it looking good enough by then!

Eryka said...

You are beautiful. Is that room? That headboard is my dream!!!!

Kerri Andersen said...

Ok how are you still so hot?! Love the pictures! Also so excited slash super jealous that you will have a new little bundle of joy so soon! I can't wait to see her and brooks together...

Amy said...

Stunning! Amy, absolutely beautiful.

I love your headboard, too! :)

jason & kiley. said...

Also Remi Jayne sounds perfect! Or you could do Remie?

Ashley Eliza said...

You're gorgous!!! i am so excited for you girl. xoxo