brooks meets remi.

if you watched the birth video (see here) then you probably saw brooks and i wearing the weird clear glasses and wondered why the heck?  well my friends, let me just tell you.

i was a little nervous having two little nuggets so close together.  i was worried about how brooks would handle sharing attention, how he would react to her, how gentle/rough he would be with her, etc.

he loves little babies and is pretty sweet to all of my friends babies and his little cousins but you never really know.

these pictures were taken the morning of remi's birth.  brooks' last moments as an only child.  isn't he just the cutest little thing?

a few hours after baby girl was born, my mom went home to pick up brooks and have him come to the hospital.  i was so excited to see him, but anxious at the same time.

as he walked into the room and saw matt and i, he got so excited and ran over to the bed. i was holding remi and someone lifted brooks onto the bed with me.  i still had all of the iv's hooked into my arm and you could tell brooks was confused.  remi started to cry a little and brooks just lost it.  he sobbed and sobbed and of course being the hormonal lady i am, i started crying which only made it worse for him.

this was NOT how i envisioned their first meeting to go.  it broke my heart that brooks was so confused and didn't understand what was going on.  granted, he hadn't had a nap so he was overly tired, but still... i was so sad.

someone took remi from me and we focused on brooks.  anyone who knows brooks knows he is OBSESSED with weird things... enter these eye shielding glasses.  he spotted these babies hanging on the wall and they became his new best friend.

his aunt lauren bought him the cutest little book that was a perfect distraction during this time.
as i distracted brooks and shared all my treats with him, matt slowly brought a chair over whilst holding remi next to the bed.

we talked about remi's head, toes, and nose and eventually brooks got brave enough to touch them.  he even smiled and got excited about her a few times.  anytime remi would make a noise though, brooks would become nervous and start crying again.

brooks came to the hospital a few more times during my stay, and each time he got more comfortable with remi and more excited to see her.  he began to want to hold her and touch her.  watching them together melted my heart.

there have definitely been some adjustments and hard times, but
since we've been home and over the last four weeks, brooks has become obsessed with remi.  he loves to squeeze (smother) her, often asks to hold her, and is her first responder when she cries.  he is very good at forcing the binky into her mouth and he LOVES to touch her nose, eyeballs, lips and toes. he takes off her socks 100 times a day, as well as her headbands.  he loves to push her in the swing and turbo rock her carseat while she is in it.  pretty much he's a gem :)

  remi jayne, you are sure lucky to have a big brother as sweet as brooks.


Samantha @ The Life You Love said...

This is absolutely heart-warming. So precious! Kids are just too funny with their unpredictable reactions and obsessions. And you look absolutely gorgeous!

Katie said...

so sweet!! i'm sure that's a normal reaction for someone so little! glad he warmed up quickly and loves her so much. your kids are SO beautiful! and i love her name!

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

so sweet! he is such a cute kid, I can't stand it! those pictures are priceless and they will both love having all this documented one day. drew didn't care much about Susanna at all and he wouldn't sit in the hospital bed with me, I think he was confused at all the IVs and stuff but it upset him. this time around, he was so worried about me that he didn't care as much about Jillian but Susanna was all over her, eye-poking and all. it varies from kid to kid...but your 2 are just precious. what a great time of life!

and you look so awesome in all your pictures, i just want to kick you! just kiddin' ;)

Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

So precious! They will be the best playmates! Makes me want another baby AH!