how she got her name.

it's kind of a funny story on how we decided on the name remi.

we went to the hospital knowing that her middle name would be jayne, but undecided about her first name.  jayne has no significance to us and is not a family name, we just think it's cute.

when we got to the hospital i told matt to write our two options on the board. 
remi jayne
harper jayne
we told our nurse how we were undecided and she brought in a huge book of names for us to look through juuuuust in case we wanted more options.

matt's choice was always remi.  when he was on his mission in tacoma, washington, there was a sister serving with him who had the first name remmy.  he suggested it long ago and i said it could be in the running but i would spell it "remi."  to say he was stoked that i would even consider it was an understatement :) haha

my first choice was harper but it is becoming quite popular and that was a turn off for me.  a week or two before giving birth, i was starting to get on the remi train but i couldn't admit it to matt because i didn't want him to win... hahaha for reals though.

anyway, we passed the time reading funny names in the name book, but not adding anything to the list.  we decided that once she was born, we would choose a name.

well she came and she didn't immediately strike us as one name or the other.  at one point matt said, "if you want to do harper, let's do harper." and i'm pretty sure i said the same thing to him about remi.  when all of the first visitors had left and we were alone, we were both leaning towards remi.
our nurse came in to check on us and asked if we had decided on a name.  we told her we were thinking remi, but not yet 100%.

as more people came to visit, matt asked me if we should announce that her name was remi and i said not yet, i still wasn't ready to commit.

a little while later, we took our baby girl into the nursery to get her first bath and as we walked in the nurse said, 
"is this baby remi?"
and she turns around holding a sign that she had made for her hospital bassinet.

matt and i looked at eachother and said, "sure! this is remi."

and that is how we decided.  the nursery nurse decided for us.
we told her we were undecided up until that point and she assured us that we could change the name and she could make a new sign, but we stuck with remi.

and i'm sure glad we did.  she is totally a remi.

also, we were so lucky to have our sister in law Trina come later in the afternoon and take some lifestyle photos after our little princess had her bath.  i'm so lucky to have so many photographers around me that take our pictures.

and you are all so lucky to see all 100940348 that i post all the time :)


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Somehow between all the hospital shifts changing and everything else going on, the nurses never made me a cute name sign for Claire. I'm not sad about it, but actually I am.

Love the name Remi, and these pictures are gorgeous!

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

Very cute story! I love her name a lot! And we love all the pictures so keep 'em coming!

Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

You won't hear any complaints from me about sharing baby pictures! I love her name, so sweet!