remi jayne: one month old

little miss remi turned one month old last friday, the 7th.

fastest month of my life by far!!  i really feel like we were just in the hospital a week ago.  it's been so fun having her in our house.  she's my little doll (and brooks' too.. seriously he tries to pick her up and carry her like a doll).  she doesn't like dress up time as much as i do, but i'm sure she will appreciate it one day.

weight: 9-9.5 pounds
height: 22 inches

at one month old, miss remi jayne loves:

-to be held
-bath time
-laying in the sun
-wiggle time
-the swing
-her binky

she hates:

-the five seconds it takes to lift her out of the tub into a towel
-being cold
-being left alone
-whenever the car stops
-getting dressed
-tummy gas... which she has A LOT
-the hours of 8-10pm also known as "fussy hours"

this little lady is pretty high maintenance.   if she does not like something or needs something, she has no problem letting us know.  lucky for her, she's cute even when she is crying.
now, i didn't capture this in these photos but i kid you not, this girl started smiling at around 3 weeks.  like real life smiling...not just gassy, sleepy smiles.
it's pretty much the best thing ever.

remi has started to discover her hands a little bit and likes to suck on them like there's no tomorrow.  she is the daintiest little sleeper, and always sleeps with her hands nustled up to her face or in a little clasp.  see that crooked little pinky?  she got that from her mama (brooks has it too!)  thank goodness she didn't get my little hobbit toes.

at one month remi is going down for the night at about 9:30 and waking up only once to eat usually between 3:00 and 5:00.  can i get a hallelujah!!  during the day she eats every 2.5-3 hours which is also nice because i don't feel like i'm nursing every five seconds.

she is still wearing mostly newborn clothes and diapers, with some 0-3 clothes in the mix.  i have started putting size one diapers on her because we ran out of newborns and had some size ones on hand buuuut they are huge on her and she always pees on me... no bueno.

she has perfected her stank face, loves her hands, and has the cutest little piggies i ever did see.  i kind of want her feet and toes to stay itty bitty forever.

happy one month remi girl, we love you!

her captured smiles :)

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Adrienne McCartney said...

Precious! I think she looks more like Matt, yes?! She is a cutie and these pictures are great! Glad things are going well!