remi jayne: two months old.

 i might as well change my blog name to "the remi show" because it's all i seem to blog about these days.  what can i say?  she's a pretty big deal around these parts.

on december 7th, she turned two months old.  due to computer failure and other technology problems, i am just getting around to her monthly post.

remi jayne at two months old. 

weight: 11 pounds 6 ounces 
height: 24 inches long

at two months remi loves:

-being held
-bath time
-her swing
-watching brooks
-sticking out her tongue

remi hates:

-sitting in her carseat
-the second the car stops moving
-poopy diapers
-being covered while nursing

she is the sweetest little thing.  she smiles at everyone and everything, ALL THE TIME.  she has the brightest, big eyes that shine when she smiles.  she also has some powerful lungs... if she is not happy she will let you know. 
luckily, she has gotten over her colic phase and is now quite pleasant in the evenings.

she loves watching brooks play and she smiles at him whenever he is around.  almost every morning, they take a tubby together and she kicks with excitement as brooks dumps water all over her.   i'm so excited to see their relationship blossom as they grow older.  

at two months, she is going down for the night at about 9 and sleeping until 8:30-9:30, depending on when brooks wakes her up.  occasionally she will wake up around 5 to eat on one side and then passes right out.  she loves her beauty sleep.  during the day she eats every three hours and is a quick eater.

she is still wearing a few newborn pieces, but mostly 0-3 month clothes.  she finally moved up to size one diapers, but we squeezed her into newborns as long as possible haha.

she has discovered her tongue and hands, which results in puddles and puddles of drool.  if she doesn't have a binky in her mouth then remi is almost always sucking on her fingers or hands.

oh, she is just the cutest little thing.  we love her so much around these parts.
happy two months remi girl.