brooks hayden: 18 months old

this little buddy is my side kick, my shadow, and my love...
brooks hayden

weight: 26 pounds
height: 34 inches

at 18 months, brooks loves:

-reading books
-"driving" dad's car
-being outside
-cars, trucks
-baby einstein
-watches, phones, purses, glasses, jewelry etc.
he loves to basically steal any form of accessory from anyone around him 
-sippy cups
-cuddling with his mama & daddy
-tubby time

he hates:
-getting his finger and toe nails clipped
-the doctors office
-when he doesn't get his way

brooks is at such a fun age.  he is still pretty quite when it comes to speaking actual words but he understands everything and is able to communicate in his own way.  in addition to the other words he is able to say, he as added "go, jesus, sissy, truck, who's that, and what's that."
his favorite thing to do is point at everyone in the room including himself, and ask "who dat?"  he also LOVES to look at pictures of family and friends and point everyone out.

he is so sweet with remi.  every morning, he comes into our room, gets up on the bed, and wants to hold remi.  they smile at each other, and brooks will say, "hiiiiiiii!" and she will coo back to him.  he thinks it's so funny.  if she cries, he makes sure she has a binky and makes sure that we are aware that she needs something.  she is lucky to have a big brother like brooks.

brooks loves to dance whenever he hears music.  he flails his arms about, lifts his leg in the air, drops it low, and spins in circles.  some of his favorite songs on the radio currently are "pompei" by bastille, "all about that bass" by meghan trainor, and "roar" by katy perry.  he gets extra excited when these songs come on and gets the biggest smile on his face.  it's hilarious.

brooks is wearing size 4 diapers, and clothes ranging from 12 months to 2T.  he wears size 5 shoes, but i am starting to buy size 6 because he is growing like a weed.  he is funny with clothes and gets excited when i buy him new things.  almost every day he pulls down his basket with shoes and picks the ones he wants to wear for the day.  his new thing is trying on everyone else's shoes, or bringing us our shoes when he wants to go outside.  he also loves to open my drawers and put my garments over his head and walk around.

his new favorite thing is to climb and crawl on top of everything.  he gets the biggest smile when he's reached the top of something and stands up, like he is so accomplished.  recently, matt has taught him that he can also jump off things.  he is pretty cautious but he loves when we lay pillows below him and he can dive onto the pillows from whatever he is standing on.

he is such a cuddle bug and still has to be rocked to sleep for naps and bedtime.  usually it only takes about ten minutes, but sometimes it is a much longer process.  he has just barely within the last week gone from two naps a day to one nap.  he loves when we sing to him, but if he doesn't like the song choice he will let you know.

there are so many other funny, cute, weird, etc. things about brooks at this age, i really could write forever.  luckily, i've been keeping a line a day journal for brooks to remember all of his cute things.

happy 18 months sweet boy.  we love you so much!!

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