{christmas advent}

i got super ambitious this holiday season and decided to do a 25 days of christmas advent for our family.  the first five days we stayed on target, but then matt went out of town for a week and i kept forgetting.  we didn't quite get to every activity on our list, however we did do quite a bit of fun holiday activities.

in no particular order...

*walk around riverwoods to see the lights.

*decorate the family tree and a kids tree.

*decorate the felt tree over and over and over

*visit santa

*get a holiday treat

*family date to trolley square

 *dinner at riverwoods

*decorate the windows with christmas clings

*25 days of christmas books.  each night before bed, brooks would open one book to read.  he LOVED this new tradition that we started.  i had several christmas books from teaching preschool but i also checked a few out from the library in order to have 25 different books.

^^still not a fan of santa hahaha^^

*adventure valley christmas expedition with friends

some other things we did but did not document...

*wrap presents
*buy remi's first ornament
*drink hot chocolate
*bake christmas goodies
*family sleepover
*christmas eve lunch

we had a very harris christmas :)

read about our christmas


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

A Christmas advent is such a good idea! One year I'll be organized enough to do it :)

The Life You Love said...

I want to make my boyfriend do a Christmas activity advent with me this year. He actually doesn't know this yet, I think January is a little too early to talk about it.

Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

I love the idea of 25 Chrismas books! Totally stealing that idea for next year.

Alacia Hood said...

We've always done the books and I love it! Can't wait to do it with my kids someday! & I love the idea of doing a bucket list at Christmas! Stealing!