{ringing in the new year}

 last year we went up to SLC for new year's eve and saw the lights at temple square.  we loved it so much that we decided to make it a tradition.  however, it was about 7 degrees and with our littles we felt it would be too cold with all of the walking and what not.  we revised our tradition to be a "weather pending" tradition.

this year, we were able to go up to a club house in a gated community near park city and party the night away.  we brought my parents and several nieces and nephews along.  we spent the night eating pizza, sweet potato fries, and milk shakes.  we went bowling, watched movies in the clubhouse theater, played arcades, and had an all around good time.   

^^my nieces wanted fancy makeup so i put fake eyelashes on them and gave them some glitter^^
eyeliner to ring in the new year.

we headed back home around 8:30pm in order to watch the ball drop and what not.  
our children went crazy and the car and basically both screamed for 40 minutes straight.  it was awesome.  we had planned on celebrating at my parents house, but decided our kids needed to go to bed.
we got the kids to bed, matt went and got us some good old fashion gas station beverages, and we played uno until 11:59pm.
at midnight we kissed, opened the blinds, and watched the fireworks all across the valley.  we live in a prime area for firework watching.

it wasn't quite the new year's eve we had planned but it turned out to be a good one.

new years day we have the tradition of going to jump on it in the morning, followed by a family breakfast at jim's family restaurant.  it's getting crazy with all the family but i love it.  

cheers to 2015!!
perhaps my goal should be to use my actual camera.. haha

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