remi jayne: three months old.

this little lady is now closer to four months than she is three, but better late than never right?!
in the short three point eight months remi girl has graced us with her presence she has gained quite the variety of nicknames...

sissy boo
fat cakes
sister sue
roo roo
sheila mae
ruby tuesday
alicia mae 
remi cakes

and those are just the ones used most.

if you have ever met remi, then you know that she is the smiliest little human ever to live.  her eyes light up real big, her head bobbles, and her gummy little mouth opens as wide as possible.  she basically smiles on command which is great for pictures but she had a different idea this time around.  i think she was going for a more serious look, because i could barely get her to crack a smile.

remi jayne at three months old

weight: 12ish pounds
height: 25 inches

at three months remi loves:

-sucking her hands
-putting toys in her mouth
-watching brooks play
-kicking in the tub
-watching videos of herself laughing
-smiling at everyone
-being held

remi hates:

-the car: 
oh man, this girl has a set of pipes and she likes to use them in the car.  it has gotten so bad lately!! if she's not asleep in the car then she is most likely screaming bloody murder.  the kind of screaming that doesn't even allow you to hear yourself think.  it's awful.
-being alone in a room
-when her binky falls out
-when she's both hungry and tired and can't seem to decide what she needs more.
-getting her boogers sucked

three months has brought out the laughs and tiny baby giggles in miss remi.  we all can get her to laugh, but brooks does it best.  if brooks is laughing, remi is laughing.  she also thinks it is quite hilarious when i raise her arms above her head... guaranteed laughs.

remi-roo can successfully roll from her tummy to her back and is so so close to rolling from her back to tummy.  she gets all the way over but cannot figure out how to pull her arm out from under her.  we have started giving her toys and laying her under a play mat and she loves it.  she grabs things and sucks on them until they are soaking wet.  she is a slobber queen.

she's had a beast of a cold that won't seem to go away.  there was a few nights where she was waking herself up because of all the snot.  we finally got a good humidifier and it's gotten a lot better but we still have to use that dang booger sucker.

she loves to stand and put weight on her legs.  brooks was like this too and went straight to walking, never crawling... it makes me wonder if she will do the same.

she is still wearing size one diapers, but i'm going to switch her to 2's once we finish this box.  she is mostly wearing size 0-3 month clothing but i am starting to pull out the 3-6 month.  she's getting some leg and arm chub and i love to goo her... so does brooks :)

sissy boo pretty much runs the show around here.  
we love this little lady so much.

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