remi jayne: four months old.

it's fine that my child is nearly six months old and i'm just barely getting around to posting her four month update.  life happens i suppose.

remi jayne at 4 months old.

weight: 14 pounds 10 ounces - 40%
height: 25 inches - 30%

they say the camera adds ten pounds and it's true in remi's case.  ok, maybe not ten but she is coming across as a butterball of chub in this pictures and she's actually quite dainty and petite.  don't get me wrong though, she's got some good goo going on in all the right places.

 at four months, remi loves:

-sticking everything within reach in her mouth.
-grabbing everything.
-baby food (oatmeal, bananas, sweet potatoes)
-kicking in the tub
-being held
-watching brooks and laughing at him
-playing with toys
-rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy
-the bumbo

 remi hates:

-being sick
-being alone
-when the food is gone
-too much tummy time/floor time
-taking medicine

little rooster has mastered rolling over from back to tummy & tummy to back.  she can sit up for a minute or two at a time before toppling over.  she is the most curious little thing and is constantly grabbing for anything within reach.  she has become super interested in food, so with the okay from the doctor i began feeding her oatmeal cereal and bananas.  she thoroughly enjoys food, even if half of it ends up on the outside of her mouth... we are working on it. haha

poor little girl got quite sick towards the end of her fourth month of life.  she went to the doctors a few times and even made a trip to the ER one night for a ridiculously high fever.  in fact, she had a fever for about ten days straight, along with snot, goobers, and a heinous cough.  of course, it was all just a dumb virus and they couldn't do much.  towards the end of the sickness she did get her first ear infection which resulted in some antibiotics... this seemed to stop the fever as well which was a blessing for all.  i could do without sick children for the rest of forever.  it was heartbreaking and horrible.
remi lost about one pound and actually now as i write this at 5 months and 19 days she weighs 13 pounds 12 ounces.

two good things came from remi being sick.  
1. she lost her voice and her shrill little scream.  it was extremely sad when she cried, but also a little comical because it was so wispy and quiet.
2. she stopped hating the car so much and generally fell asleep.

our little sissy boo is wearing size two diapers, her clothes range from zero to six months in size, and she's got the prettiest curl to her eyelashes.  everyday i want to put mascara on them haha.  

she was sleeping pretty good at night until she got sick and now she wakes up two or three times... BOOOOOO!!  usually i can get her back to sleep fairly quickly without nursing, but at least once she has to nurse.  she is still sleeping in our room because i am too scared to put her and brooks in the same room especially because she wakes up.  anyone have any advice on two babes in the same room?  tips or tricks that worked?  send them my way.

oh remi jayne!
she is the sweetest little thing with a side of hot sauce. 
we love you baby girl.

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