easter {2015}

at the end of this weekend, my heart is full.  
full of love for my Savior, Jesus Christ.
full of love for my little family.
full of knowledge that the gospel is true.
full of strength, hope, and desire to become something better.
easter + conference weekend = perfection.

easter sunday, we woke up to an egg trail from the easter bunny...

it was quite funny explaining to brooks to continue picking up and following the eggs as we go.  he just wanted to stop and open every single one right then and there.  at first he was a little confused about the baskets, but once we showed him which one was his he was pretty excited!

he's been very into coloring lately so crayons were a must! 

this girl was pulling some great faces all morning long for the camera.  she is OBSESSED with food and if she sees it she just whines and whines until she gets some.  

just taking a candy break... of course!

my cute little bunnies.

after the excitement of the easter bunny, we made some breakfast and sat down to learn about the real reason for easter.  our kids are still so young and don't understand much so we watched a few videos on the mormon.org channel about Christ, his life & ministry, and His resurrection. 
THIS is one of my favorites.

the rest of the day was spent with family, watching conference, and stuffing our faces with deliciousness.  #OURdietstartsmonday
(cool points to you if you know where that quote comes from...hahaha)

Because of Him, I have the opportunity to be a mother and a wife.
and for that, i am truly grateful.
He is risen & He lives, for I have felt His hand in my life on a daily basis.

i vote easter and conference fall on the same weekend every year :)

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