remi jayne: five months old.

 oh my sweet little mama, five months of joy you have brought to our family.

remi jayne at five months old.

weight: 13 pounds 11 ounces - 14%
height: 25 3/4 inches - 30%

i know every baby is so different but i just can't help compare her to brooks who was so much bigger than her.  haha he has never been below 50% for anything.
we've definitely got ourselves a dainty little lady.

at five months, remi loves:

-selfies.. hahaha for real though, she loves a good picture of herself.
-all food.  she has yet to meet something she doesn't love.
-her mama.  she is quite attached.
-playing in her exersaucer as long as people are in sight.
-watching the TV
-grabbing anything in sight
-being outside

remi hates:

-boogers, coughs, and getting them sucked
-when her binky falls out while sleeping
-when we don't give her the human food from our plate
-leaving her mama

this little lady is developing quite the personality.  as most girls are, she is a moody little bugger.  all smiles one minute followed by arched back head thrown back tantrums.  what can i say, she knows what she wants.  
this month, she has really started to sit up for extended periods of time.  generally she falls over when her toys are too far out of reach and she's trying to get them.  she is a big time cuddle bug until she's ready to sleep, and then she wants to be set down.  every now and again, she enjoys napping in our arms but she sleeps better in her crib.

 this month along with solid foods, we have started giving her formula every other feeding.  a few weeks ago, remi would cry after a few minutes of nursing.  she would latch on, suck for a little bit, cry, & repeat.  it was so annoying and frustrating.  i had no idea why she was doing this because she's been a pretty good nurser up until this point.  for about three days she was a big pill.  she just cried and cried unless she was held and she only had like one or two good feedings a day.  one day i was so frustrated and didn't know what to do so i decided to make her a formula bottle.  i had tried giving her formula a few other times in her earlier months, but she would never take it.  i made four ounces and she pounded it without even thinking.
after thinking back on weeks prior to this, we determined that my milk supply probably dropped.  when she was sick she wasn't eating as much and that also happened to be the same time i started working out more intensely and consistently.  bless her sweet little heart, she was just hungry.
i still nurse her in the morning, at night, and 2-3 times during the day.  she gets about two bottles a day which she LOVES.  she already holds her bottle like a champ and it's actually kind of nice because i can leave her without having to pump.  BONUS.

remi roo wears size 2 diapers, clothes ranging from 0-6 months, and shoes in 0-3 months.  she is finally starting to sleep better again and usually wakes up around five for a feeding.  one day i will cut that out so i can transfer her to brooks' room.  she takes about 3-4 naps a day depending on how long they are.  

my drooly sis, you are too much!
we just adore you.

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