cabin getaway.

 back in february, we took a long weekend and headed to cascade, idaho for a cabin getaway.  my cousin, tracy and her husband, sean were kind enough to invite us along to their family cabin.  we brought rachel, drew, and avery with us and it was a party.
we spent the weekend eating food, playing games, skiing, watching movies, playing outside, and exploring the local town of McCall.  it was the winter festival and we were able to see some pretty cool ice sculptures.

the weather wasn't the greatest for skiing, as it's been an unusually warm winter, but that didn't stop us from having fun.  matt had a little too fun.  one day when he was skiing, he was executing some sweet jump and his ski clipped a branch causing it to fall off.  when he landed his boot dug into the snow and his right leg bent backward as his body continued forward.  needless to say, he was done skiing for the day and had to take a six week break from sports and physical activity while his knee/hip/groin recovered.  it's not a real party unless someone is injured.

other than that it was a good time had by all.


the occasional weekend getaway is necessary for surviving reality.  especially in the ugly, blah winter months.  we had so much fun and can't wait to go back again. 

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