{spring pictures}

over the weekend i took my kiddos to alyssa to get some spring pictures done.
she did our family pictures in the fall and we loved them so when she started offering indoor sessions i knew i couldn't pass them up.

remi girl is six months old and brooksy boy is twenty-two months old.
they were both stone cold during the pictures which is so funny because they are both happy, smiley kiddos... especially remi.  luckily we managed a good smile or two from each baby.

their relationship has been so fun to watch develop.  for some reason whenever brooks interacts with remi he sticks his tongue out... as you will see in many of the pictures.  remi adores brooks and brooks LOVES to hold, tackle, sit on, and try to pick remi up.  she's usually a pretty good sport.

rooster roo was a little nervous and stressed about the lights.  she is definitely in her stranger danger/mommy phase.  she's all smiles as long as she's in my arms but as soon as i set her down or pass her off she gets stressed.  i love that when she does smile, she smiles with her whole face.  her ears perk up, her eye brows furrow, and her eyes twinkle.  she is definitely a bright light in our little family.

brooks is a total boy... only smiled when we brought out the football.  he is at such a fun age and i just love him so much.  he's the perfect amount of stubborn and sweet and he gives the best cuddles.  i can't believe he will be two in just a few months.  

we love these little nugget pouches so much.

brooks' bowtie
remi's headband

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