remi jayne: six months old

i can't believe this little lady is already a half of a year old.

remi jayne at six months old.

weight: 14 pounds 7 ounces (19%)
height: 27 inches (40%)

now that we've started on solid foods and suplementing with formula, remi girl is chunking right up.  she has the best beef on her thighs and she is quite ticklish.  it makes for a good combo.

at six months, remi loves:

-putting her binky in by herself.
-playing with brooks
-real human food
-teething crackers
-her momma
-drinking out of her brothers sippy
-going on walks
-scooting around the floor
-swimming/taking baths
-chewing on everything

remi hates:

-when her momma is out of sight
-going in her carseat
-when something gets taken away that she is chewing
-50/50 with getting her diaper changed

she is a pretty happy baby most of the time.  she loves attention from anyone who will give it to her.  she is all smiles all the time if she's looking at you, but if you try and hold her and she sees her momma she will most likely fuss.  she is going through a major stage 5 clinger phase.  if i'm not in the room or in sight then she usually does pretty good.

at six months, she sits up like a pro.  she likes to sit on the ground in brooks' room and play with toys.  brooks is so cute and always hands her things,  if she has a toy that he wants then brooks will get another toy and trade her, she doesn't seem to mind...yet.

she has started scooting around backwards.  she can make her way across the room but she can't yet really control where she goes.  she pushes up lifting her chest off the ground quite often and tries to get up on her knees.  brooks never crawled so if remi starts to do so, that will be a new experience for us.

little lady loo has been teething this month and her two bottom little teethies are FINALLY breaking through.  she has been a bit fussy this past week and has a runny nose from teething but nothing too bad.  i'm gonna miss her gummy little grandma grin.

we went on a quick trip to st. george this month and remi had her first outdoor swimming experience, which she loved.  stick her in a floaty, give her something to chew on, and she's found her happy place. this makes my sun loving self quite happy.

we have just moved her up to size 3 diapers because now that she eats real human food she has some intense poo blowouts.  she is still wearing clothes 0-6 months, but i have put a few of her 0-3 month close away {tear}.  she takes about three naps a day and sleeps about 11-12 hours at night.  we still haven't moved her into brooks' room yet... i keep saying "tonight is the night" and then it doesn't happen.  one day... one day.

oh little girl, we could not love you more!

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