throwback thursday : california love

back in march, we ditched the cold utah weather and headed to the california sun (without our daddy) to visit my sister and her family.  we found a screaming deal on flights and since my mom was coming along as well, we figured we better take advantage, even if that meant flying with two babies.

the flight was relatively uneventful, (thankfully).  both babies ate some food and slept almost the whole flight.  i was nervous that their ears would bother them, but both seemed fine.  walking through the airport with two babies, a stroller, five bags, some purses, and two car seats, we looked like the freaking circus.  it was quite comical, and extremely horrible all at the same time.  somehow, we managed.

we landed in LA and then my sister picked us up and we drove to her home.  the next week was quite eventful.  we did all the good things... shopping, eating food, ice cream, desserts, beverage runs, catching up on shows, watching movies, going to the park, swimming, hot springs, and hanging around the house. 

i whipped out my camera for a few events so here we go..

we went to this really fun, new park that had an area geared towards the younger folk which was nice because brooks could do things himself.  he is also SO OBSESSED with his "honey"... my mom.  like, i'm pretty sure he would choose her over me anytime.

little hollis.

apparently that's all the pictures i took of the park, but the kids had fun playing with
balls, riding bikes, scooters, etc. and running around.

we went to target multiple times and scored big multiple times.  remi girl sat in a cart for the first time and killed it with cuteness.  she also became EXTREMELY attached to me during this trip.  literally would not let anyone else hold her and would not let me put her down.  it was suuuuper fun.

at least she's dressed cute.. haha

another day, we drove up the canyon to some natural hot springs and spent the afternoon swimming in the pool and lounging in the hot tubs.

 brooks came home with a nice little bronze to his skin.  lucky for him, he inherited my good skin genes.  we always love our time in california with our family.  i managed to only document half the people and half the events, but that's because we just had too good of a time.

until we meet again, california.

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