{favorite things party}

i feel like i am constantly playing blog catch up.
there are so many things that happen that i don't want to be forgotten.

one of those things was a "favorite things" party that i hosted for a girls night out.  

invitations: tiny prints

i loved these invitations i found on tiny prints with the gold detail and matching gold envelopes.  it was the perfect touch for the vibe i was going for.  i had so much fun addressing the envelopes in fancy lettering and decorating them with washi tape.

i had some better pictures of the party and the envelope detail, but over here at the harris household we've had a pretty unfortunate series of events when it comes to computers and have lost our fair share of pictures.. boo! (insert thumbs down emoji here)

enter the not so great cell phone pictures...

if you've never attended a favorites party before, you are missing out.  basically how it works is each person brings three of their favorite object that is $5 or under.  each person writes their name on a slip of paper three different times.  once everyone has their name in the bowl, each attendee picks three slips of paper.

let's say the names on my three papers said jenn, rachel, & amber  i would then show everyone what the item i brought was and why it is my favorite and give one item to the three ladies mentioned above.  you go around the circle until everyone has shared their favorite item and each person has three new items.

the idea is you leave the party with three new "favorites" to try.

happy home pillow: tiny prints

since drink shops are all the rage right now and i find myself there more often than i'd like to admit. i figured this would be the perfect venue for our party.  we had it at THE SLURP.  it was perfect because everyone was able to get their own drink and cookie to munch on while we hung out.  

i kept the decorations pretty simple using some center piece items from a friends wedding (thanks treg), and adding some pillows from home to the couches to make it feel more "homey."  it was simple, but cute.

it was such a fun night.  i'm convinced that every girl needs a girls night away from husbands, kids, boyfriends, family etc. AT LEAST once a month.

and just in case you are curious, i brought NYX butter lip gloss in Tiramisu as my favorite item.
i left the party with 
-a $5 gift card to maverick for a beverage or two
-THIS beach wave texture spray
-THIS fingernail polish... which is scented when it dries.

good times, good times.
i can't wait to host my next GNO party.

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