midweek getaway: st. george edition.

for awhile now, matt and our friend drew have been talking about taking a trip down to st. george to do some rock climbing.  at the beginning of june, we decided to make this trip happen.

we had a two bedroom condo thanks to drew's parents and it worked out perfectly.  

the first night, we decided to adventure further south and explore "little jamaica."
we had heard about this hidden oasis under the freeway but had never been.  it took us a minute to find it, but once we did it was totally worth it.

you have to hike down to the waterfall, and then through the water fall to get to the pools.  you can hike all the way down to the river and there are several different swimming holes, and even some spots to jump.

before descending down the waterfall.

^^pool numero uno^^


^^pool number two^^



the babies loved the sand and water, the boys loved jumping, and the girls loved taking pictures.  good times were had by all.  we definitely will be going back to this place many more times.  the water temperature was pretty darn near perfect.

that night after the babies went down to bed, us grownups stayed up eating all of the candy and treats one could ever possibly need in a lifetime while playing some intense rounds of nertz.  

the next morning the boys headed out bright and early to climb while the ladies and babies hung around the condo, making breakfast and heading out to the pool.

once the boys returned from climbing, the babies went down for a nap while the ladies went shopping.  we scored some major deals for our men at the gap outlet but didn't find much for ourselves.  we made a stop at swig and headed back to see our loves.
because it was blazing hot we decided to hit up the pool scene once again.

that night we had a BBQ, visited some family in st.george, and played games late into the night.  the next morning we got up, got our stuff packed, and headed for toquerville falls.
we sadly lost our camera on this trip to the falls.  somebody may or may not have left it on top of the car... that somebody is not me.  it was quite the rough ride to get there... you definitely need four wheel drive, but it was pretty cool.

it was a quick, short trip and it was fantastic.


Rachel McCarty said...

Yeah it was! Haha

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I want to go to Little Jamaica so badly! I keep hearing fantastic things. Was it a long hike in once you found it?