my talented sister in law Trina took some pictures for The Dainty Teacup etsy shop and remi girl got to be a little model.

this shop is darling and has the cutest, daintiest clothes for little girls.  i feel like the name is perfect... couldn't you just see a bunch of little girls all dolled up for a tea party?!

at first remi was like "you want me to do what?....mom?"

then she's like. "just stand there and look cute... this isn't so bad."

"i'm killing this!"

for reals though, look at those baby blues.  they get me every time.  
on a very real note, remi is so extremely attached to me and won't allow me to set her on the floor unless i am right (and i mean RIGHT) next to her.  hence the holding her hand in every picture and concerned looks below.  good thing she is a cutie.

i had to put this one in... haha proof that she can't handle not being attached to me in some way.  she was blessed with a cute cry face, unlike her mother who has quite the opposite.

oh i just love this little dainty lady.

if you are in Utah or the Los Angeles, CA area and need some fantastic pictures, Trina is your gal.  seriously, she is amazing and has awesome style.
see some of the sessions she's done for us

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