{the best kind of nights}

summer is here and with that comes carnival season.
parade, rides, corn dogs, strawberries & cream, people watching.. ahh i can smell it now.

orem's summerfest kicks off the carnival season.  my family has a tradition of ordering a bunch of pizzas, bringing treats and drinks, saving a spot along the parade route, and watching the parade and fireworks together.
it's usually a giant swass fest, but who doesn't love that.

this year we decided to let brooks hit up some rides before the parade and he was in heaven riding with his cousin haze.

after the rides, we headed over to our blankets and chairs to watch the evening parade.  we had quite the crew this year which was a lot of fun. 

she matched the blanket and she's stinking cute.

after the parade we watched the fireworks and they were amazing.  orem always does a really good firework show.  my kids stayed up way passed their bedtimes but it was so worth it.

the very next weekend, strawberry days rolled into town in good ol' PG.  if you have not had the strawberries & cream from strawberry days you haven't lived.  haha jk but really, it's so delicious and pretty much is the epitome of a summer night.

i wish i was as cool as bro...his steeze is hard to beat ;)

matt taught brooks to raise his hands in the air on all the rides.  it's the best because at first he is so nervous about letting go but once he does he feels so proud.

^^this cracks me up^^

sissy boo was just happy to hang out and watch everything around her.  she is a pretty good natured little lady as long as she's being held.

two of my favorite weekends of the summer.  my only regret is that i didn't eat at least five more strawberry cups. 

i love summer nights.

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