own it.

have you ever seen a trend or style that you've wanted to try, but weren't sure if you could pull off?
have you ever felt self conscious wearing something out of the ordinary?

well, i'm here to tell you that you are not alone.
i often times feel this way, but then i remember you just gotta own it.
that's pretty much my fashion mantra.
i've learned that if you are confident in what you are wearing, it's going to show and people will notice... in a good way :)

and that is how i ended up with this awesome jumpsuit from eShakti.

as i was scrolling through all of their lovely pieces, this jumpsuit kept catching my eye.  i've always wanted a jumpsuit, but the wide legs had me like ehhhh.. i don't know.
and then i thought, "what the heck, i'm going to go out of my comfort zone and just own it."
so i pulled the trigger and i got it.  the best part though, is that eShakti will totally tailor all of their pieces to fit your comfort level.  this particular piece you could customize the sleeve length, the pant length, and whether or not you wanted pockets (the answer is yes! always yes!).  another cool feature is that you always put in your height, and they will fit the clothing article to your height.

  this jumpsuit was sleeveless and if there is anything i hate, it is when i have to wear something under or wear something over a piece to make it more modest.  Luckily, eShakti had my back.  i was able to choose to add sleeves at no extra cost and because fall is upon us, i decided to go with long sleeves.


i absolutely love how it turned out. i'm not going to lie, when i first tried it on i was a little iffy about the wide leg pants.  i decided to rock it and own it and i ended up loving it.  the wide leg pants are pretty much the most comfortable thing my body has ever worn.  even though it took me a minute to feel comfortable and confident, i'm so glad i gave them a chance and stepped out of my comfort zone.  i'm totally digging the 70's vibe they give me.

basically, i just wanted to say, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. do it and own it, because confidence is beautiful and so are you :)

also, i wouldn't be mad if these pieces from eShakti made it into my closet

and because every post is better with an awkward photo...

you're welcome :)

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