i'm pretty much famous.

i'll be honest, at first i was a little offended they didn't ask permission to use my photo on the someecard, but when i realized it was for the greater good, how could i be mad.
plus, i'm pretty much famous now!! (:

stay tuned for 11 ridiculous facts about me.. i've been tagged.


Alyx said...

Pahahaha, Love it.

erica marie said...

haha such a cute post!

xo erica

Julie said...

So funny! She looks just like you. Or...you look just like her! I don't judge, I do the same thing : )

Dearest Lou said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment (; And this was my favorite pic from your last Sunday confessions! You are sooooo cool (;

Ashley Eliza said...

oh amy! i love everything about this post. ha hum yes i am in sweats and socks right now :) we should hang out more.. jus sayin!


lori said...

haha! that is hilarious.