newport - day one & two.

there is something about being on vacation that just makes you insanely happy.
the thought of coming back to reality and work seems so cruel after eight days of pure blissl
i am lucky enough to have parents that love me and believe taking their daughter and her boy on a vacation is a must.
that is how this newport vacation came about.
on saturday, may 26th, with chocolate covered gummy bears among other car snacks, our "guys" in hand, some music, and a good book, the parents, matthew, and i headed to mesquite where we would stay for one night.
mid trip we bought some mcdonald's for a homeless man and delivered it just upon entering the freeway.  
there is a man behind the pole. promise.

we did a little machine gambling while in the casino and won BIG TIME.

after some good eats, swimming, bowling, and wedding talk we headed to bed.
sunday morning we woke up and drove the rest of the way to newport.

i was so excited to get there because for the first part of the week we would be joined by my sister, her husband, and the children.  after crazy california traffic we finally arrived and it was sunny and beautiful.

 reunited with my little mama :)

because we were all starving we headed to coco's (tradition for my familia) for some dinner.

"look! there's the beach!!"

this little lady LOVES to look at herself.  this is the face she makes after she sees a picture that she's in.  it's pretty funny...vain lil thing :)

as we got back to the condo my water loving boy wanted to go to the beach immediately.  it was actually perfect timing because the sun was setting and it was beautiful.  we found this beach right down the road from us and named it "poppy beach."

 i thought that we were just going to hang out on the beach but this boy couldn't stand being there and not being in the water, so he swam and got some late night boogie boarding in while i watched from the shore.

even though it took many driving hours to get there it was all so worth it.
this beach quickly became a favorite on this vacation and we spent many hours here.
looking at all my pictures makes me feel that insane happiness again.
i'm sure getting engaged plays a large part into the feelings i have for this trip, but it's so much more than that.
just being able to spend time with the people i love, away from the everyday grind of life was amazing.
matt and i discovered that since he's been home from his mission, this trip was the first time we had hung out during the day, and it was wonderful.

day one/two.



Alana Christine said...

So far, it sounds like a great trip!

Ashley Eliza said...

im dying to read more!!! cant wait to hear about the rest... eek!


eryka {from abcde} said...

i want the rest of the story!! and if you say you got engaged on the beach we need to be BFFs because I got engaged on the beach!!! :)

haleybrianna said...

I can't wait to hear about every other day!!!! :) I love those pictures. That looks like so much fun, Amy! I'm glad you had such a good time.

Kelly said...

It looks like an amazing trip! I'm jealous of your beach pictures...Utah needs pretty beaches like that. Glad you're getting to relive your trip again through pictures and blog posts :)