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while i enjoy my last day of vaca **tear** enjoy one last guest post from the lovely brielle (who happens to basically be on the same vacation i am... although we have yet to run into eachother) haha take it away girl..
hello lovely followers of amy lynn, brielle here! i blog over at mr. d & me & am so excited to be guest posting on amy lynn's blog while she is out enjoying the sun with her cute future husband! aren't they just adorable?
well, speaking of husbands, i have a pretty cute one myself.  in fact, i think he is the cutest boy i know!  
totally adorable right? yeah, i know.
well, since amy is getting so close to planning her very own special day, i thought i would tell you a little more about ours and how we picked our date! i know a lot of people pick their wedding date because of the convenience, but that never was the case for me.  in fact, our wedding day came at a pretty inconvenient time in our lives, but i wouldn't have had it any other way. ever since i was a little girl, i have been making wishes at 11:11 p.m, and the wish was always, of course, for true love.  there were a few times i thought i found my 11:11 wish, but things just never worked out.  my heart was broken on many, many occasions, but i kept wishing.  finally, one night early in march, my wish came true in the form of a boy i met at an lds institute dance. he was crazy, adorable, and just what i was looking for.  casual dates turned into kisses, which turned into love, and before i knew it, i was planning a wedding! {you can read more about our dating adventures here & check out or engagement story here!}  i jokingly mentioned getting married on 11/11/11, but the more we thought about it, the more the day seemed to fit.  sure, i didn't really want to wait that long... i was in love and i just wanted to move in with that boy and start the rest of my life.  it was right in the middle of a semester, which meant we wouldn't be able to honeymoon anywhere far, and it was just an all-around stressful time to marry, but it just felt right.  the luckiest day of the year for the luckiest thing that ever happened to me?  of course!
it was the most stressful day of my life but i wouldn't trade it for anything.  i can honestly say these last {almost} seven months have been the best times of my life.  mister d is the perfect answer to every wish i've ever made.  our wedding day was perfect and i never want to forget it! thank y'all for listening to my little rambling about our perfect day & thanks to amy for having me! come visit! (: instagram//facebook//pinterest

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