the untold story.

so, the other day when i posted the engagement story on the blog i left out a rather small, insignificant to the story, detail.
as we were walking through the sand heading towards the cave, matt noticed a louis vuitton wallet just chillin' on the sand.  he picked it up and opened to see what was inside...

$26 cash
several credit cards
drivers license
school i.d.
and other random things.

the owner was a 21 year old california male who definitely looked the part.
we both decided right then and there that we would hang on to the wallet and try and contact the owner.
once we got back to the condo, we decided to try and contact this human via FB...naturally!
we found him, sent him a message, and that was that.
several days later, we still had the wallet, hadn't heard from the dude, and were heading back to utah.
we decided to take the wallet home and then mail it to the address on the license.
a few days after we got home, i headed to the post office and mailed the wallet back with a little note explaining how we ended up with it, and where we found it.
i thought that was the end of that, but the other day i came home to find this package.

i opened it to find...
this card, with this message

it says,
"Dear Amy & Matt,
Thank you kindly for finding & returning my wallet a few weeks ago!!  Sometimes I wonder how many good, humble people there are on this planet these days...now i know there are at least 2!!!  I blow glass as a hobby...Enjoy this pendant I made as a token of my appreciation!
Peace and Blessings!
Devin Yager
P.S. If you guys are ever in SoCal give me a call (phone number)"

of course, we didn't expect anything to come from returning the wallet... we just did what we would want someone to do if the situation was reversed.  it's good to know that there are kind people all over the world who recognize and appreciate good deeds. 

and now we have a new friend in SoCal.
pay it forward people, pay it forward.


Alli said...

Very cool!

Alana Christine said...

That's so awesome!

Ashley Eliza said...

thats so cool amy! i love feel good stories like this. they make me happy :)

ps can't wait to see you thurs!


Breenah said...

That is awesome! A friend of mine lost his wallet in Houston on spring break and somebody mailed it back from Mexico with everything still inside. No return address though, so he couldn't say thank you.

Lindsey said...

Uh, that's awesome! Receiving a simple thank you letter is sometimes one of the most heartfelt things. And here it truly is. That's just so awesome. Good for you guys!

Chelsie Clarke said...

Okay this is NUTS. Here I am blogstalking my wednesday night away, I found your blog through a link someone else had posted on their blog... I'm going through your posts when all of the sudden I see this guy (you're husband to be!) who looks SO FREAKING FAMILIAR. All of the sudden I figured it out! My best friend (Elder Alden) is on a mission in Tacoma and they were companions for a while... he kept sending me all of these photos with he AND YOUR GUY in them! Hahah! He said that Elder Harris was one of his very favorite people in the mission! WHAT A SMALL WORLD! Tell your guy I say hi... because I feel like I already know him, even though he's probably never even heard of me. bahaha! Congrats on your engagement!!!

Tif said...

First...you ROCK for sending it back! Second...that glass pendant is AMAZING!