newport - day five + an engagement.

day five.
naturally was the best day.
that morning we said goodbye to my sister, brother in law, and the kiddos.
we had the whole day to relax and do nothing.
we headed to the shake shack with the parents followed by the beach.
we decided to explore a bit and check out some different beaches along the PCH.

 my daddy and my love... doing what they do best at the beach.
 the mother and i doing what we do best at the beach.

after checking out some different beaches, we decided to head back to our beach, "poppy beach."
while we were there we went exploring a bit and ended up crawling up some big rocks in the water to sit on top of.  while we were sitting on top looking up at the shore, matt noticed a cave and pointed it out to me.
he then said, "we should come back here tonight and bring a blanket and makeout  lay in the cave."
of course i agreed, not thinking much of it.

we headed back to the condo, swam a bit, visited matt's sister in law and nephew, who happened to be staying at the same condo, and headed back to watch the playoff game.  luckily i decided to curl my hair otherwise i would have looked even more a hot mess than i already did. but who cares at the beach right?

as i was curling my hair matt came in and asked if we were still going to the beach to which i replied yes.  

let me back up a little bit.  
i truly believed that matt did NOT have a ring yet, and that he was NOT proposing on this trip.  i'll be honest, a few times i got sad about it even though ultimately i knew it didn't matter when he proposed.  he loved having this huge secret from me and messing with me... he even had some people in on it that tricked me too.
however, the sneaky boy had the ring in his suitcase the whole time.

10'o clock rolls around and we decide to go to the beach.  my parents were all about it, which i felt weird about, but in the car matt told me he told my parents what we were doing and asked if we could use the car so it made more sense.

we arrived to the beach and began walking down the hill.  matt was walking reeally slow and i noticed but didn't really think anything.  he said, "sorry i'm walking so slow and weird, my feet and legs are so sore from boogie boarding." to which i replied, "well they better get un sore because we are going to disneyland tomorrow!!!" and i'm pretty sure he just laughed at me or something.

we got to the beach and headed towards the cave.  when we got there i spread the blanket out and waited for matt to take his shoes off.  while he was taking them off he said, "i'm going to untie my shoes so that they are easy to put back on when we leave."  that sneaky little bugger had tied the ring in his shoe laces which was the real reason for the slow walking and untying of the shoes.  looking back there are so many little things i didn't pick up on haha cuz he never unties the shoes he was wearing.

anyway, blanket was spread, shoes were off and we just stood there for a minute hugging, all the while the ring is just chillin on his pinky finger except i have no idea because it's pitch black.  we go to lay on the blanket and he asks me how i want to lay which i thought was weird because we never premeditate how things are going to go.  so he decided how we were going to lay.

as we were laying there, my left hand was over his chest and we were just talking and cuddling.  he started playing with my hands and finger, and then said, "is this your left arm?" (he didn't seem nervous at all, but claimed he asked out of nervousness haha) it was in fact my left arm, so i said yes and we continued talking.  a few seconds later he slips a ring onto my ring finger and before he could say anything else i shrieked and said, 
"are you for reals?!"

he then asked me to marry him. in a cave. under the moonlight. on a beach.
i'm sure he said other stuff but i just shrieked and screamed and laughed and made weird noises and kissed his face.
it was so dark i couldn't even see the ring but i remember saying,
"i can't even see it, but i love it!!"
and  i really do :)  he did such a good job picking it out.  we never went together and it's better than i ever could have imagined.  the boy knows me all too well. and of course, the picture doesn't do it justice.. it's much more beautiful in person.

because we were the only ones at the beach and it was pitch black, we didn't have anyone to capture all the tender moments that were had.  but we were both insanely happy to say the least. 
i made him tell me all of his secret plans and tell me everyone who was in on it.

originally he had planned on proposing at disneyland the next day, but once he discovered the cave made an executive decision to do it that night.  and i'm sure glad he did because that meant i got to be engaged and go to disneyland.

 from the inside of the cave.
our attempt at self timer picture

the feet and shoes of people who just got engaged :)

it was so perfect.  just writing about it makes me beam from ear to ear because i loved it so much.  it was simple and intimate and everything i ever wanted.  plus, this is a place we will go back to year after year, so it means something to us.
thank you to everyone for the love, support, and congrats that have been sent our way.  we both appreciate it so much and are so excited for the future.

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Michelle said...

Congrats! What a pretty ring.

Alana Christine said...

Aww what a great story!! How sweet!

eryka {from abcde} said...

Soooo cute! I love it. We need to bffs we both got engaged on a beach! :) COgratssss!

Kristi Haslam said...

ok, cutest story ever!! I love that he tied it on his shoe lace.. sneaky human! I'm so happy for you two and can't wait for the big day. Love you both!

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

Precious!! Your ring rocks!!! Can't wait to see it for real in a few weeks....did anyone tell you we are coming in July?!

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

Precious!! Your ring rocks!!! Can't wait to see it for real in a few weeks....did anyone tell you we are coming in July?!

Erica said...

That is the cutest story!! Your ring is BEAutiful! Congratulations:)

haleybrianna said...

Amy. That is a GORGEOUS ring! You guys are going to be the cutest engaged couple ever. I can't wait to stalk this blog about all your wedding plans and engagement pictures! I'm so happy for you, and I wish you the absolute BEST. That is such an amazing proposal, you are one lucky girl!

Ashley Eliza said...

that is the cutest story EVER!!! eeek. i am thrilled for you two. and umm THAT ring. the cave. you guys.. so romantic. and i cant get over your ring, it is to die for. i can't wait to help out on your special day :)


Alyx said...

I love this. He did such a good job! I'm so happy for you!!

Anna said...

so cute!!

lulu said...

amy i haven't talked to you in ages but i just happened to stumble upon your blog... congrats! that is a way cute story & i love your ring.

Meg said...

I just love reading your stories!! I'm attached to your blog is the truth :-) Xo