newport - day four.

on this day we went to sea world.

the weather was pretty much perfect, and the park wasn't crowded at all.
seaworld has this sweet deal where you pay $30 and get all the food your belly can handle for the whole day.  needless to say, we fat camped it up and ate several meals and desserts throughout the day.
my favorite: their carrot cake. so delicious.

we took baby girl on her first ride and she was mesmerized.
it was like sea worlds version of the tea cups.

i was super excited for the shamu show and i've got to say, it was sub par at best.
whales are incredible mammals, but the show itself was kind of lame sauce.

the dolphin and bird show however was super legit. so legit in fact, that i didn't take any pictures of the dolphins, just one of matt and i,  because i was so enthralled with the show.

we made some sea lion friends and touched a manta ray.

we rode the rides, got pretty wet, and all around had a good time.

until next time, peace out!
also. tomorrow's trip recap is the day i got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!
everybody pee your pants :)

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Alana Christine said...

My mom took me to SeaWorld when I was like 2--way too young to remember anything. I love dolphins, though, so I need to go back some day! Can't wait for the engagement story!

haleybrianna said...

AHHH! I can't wait for the next Post!!

Alli said...

New follower! Can't wait for the next post, I love engagement stories, no matter what they are! Your blog looks fantastic!