blogs and babies.

day nineteen:
list 5 blogs you read on a regular basis and why?

i pretty much look at all the blogs on my blog roll whenever i find some time to sit and do so.
because it is a great time killer/waster.
and lots of those people are my friends.
that's why.

but more importantly, last friday i gained a nephew

Haze David Vanchiere
8 pounds 9 ounces
21 inches long

is he not the sweetest thing?  i die every time i see him or look at a picture of him.
i can't wait for baby B to come and be his best bud :)
congrats to bryce and caitlin.

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Kerri Andersen said...

doesn't seeing newborn babies make you sick to your stomach anxious? well, it does me! my heart aches every time i see a baby. In a good way though- but also an anxious way. that little baby is so precious! won't be long til you have your own :)