collecting fears.

day twenty:
what is something you collect?

in junior high i collected ring pops and elephants.

i won this print from Brielle at Studio Eleven
and i plan on putting it in baby boy's nursery :)

in high school i started my sunglasses collection and leaving the sticker on my sunglasses.

elephants are the only real collection that i have stuck with.
here are some of my favorites

day twenty one:
what is your biggest fear?

my greatest fear was that i wouldn't be able to have children.  from as long as i can remember, i have wanted to be a mother.  i love children so much, that i have always had this fear that because i want my own so badly, i wouldn't be able to have them.
and then i got pregnant on my honeymoon.
fear gone.

matt and i have been watching law&order SVU
my fear of being raped, abducted, or beat up has significantly increased.

i also have a fear of receiving an awful phone call.
the kind that tell you someone you love has died unexpectedly.

those are my greatest fears.


Kerri Andersen said...

my greatest fear was that i couldn't have babies either. guess it worked out for both of us :) i got pregnant like 2 weeks after my honeymoon. haha. also- i've always been really scared of getting raped. but ever since I've been pregnant that fear has temporarily dispelled because, really, have you ever heard of a pregnant woman getting raped? haha...weird that i even thought of that, i know.

aimymichelle said...

i have a ton of fears just like that.

Tatiana said...

omg, what an adorable elephant collection :3 I'm glad that one of your fears is gone, at least, and I wish for you that none of the others ever occur <3