books & a giveaway.

day eleven:
the last book(s) i read

book #6 of 2013

super fun, easy, entertaining read.
i picked up a bunch of books at D.I. awhile ago, this being one of them.  Janet Evanovich writes the Stephanie Plum series (One for the Money was made into a movie.)  i read the first one and want to read the others, but the library is always out.

book #7 of 2013

Ellen Hopkins style of writing is so interesting.  she does it in poetry form and i quite like it.  her books usually deal with heavier topics that teens, families, or individuals face.  i hesitate recommending her books to people because some people don't like to read about that stuff, but she is a great writer and i enjoy them.

book #7 of 2013

i wanted to read the book before i go and see the movie.  typical nicholas spark love story, but of course i love it.  i'm a sap, what can i say.  now i just need to go and see the movie :)

i am ALWAYS looking for good book suggestions so if you have any, feel free to leave a comment.
i read pretty much anything and everything.

also, i am helping Cara from The Marvelous Flight of Cara celebrate reaching 1,000 followers by joining in a sweet $200 giveaway.
who doesn't want that??

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Kylee said...

I keep debating whether to read Tilt or not, the cover looks so good though! I'm that girl who judges books by their covers. Haha! But I think I'll read it after your review!

Alayne Leavitt said...

I loved Safe Haven the movie.. now I need to read the book!