daily routine.

day ten:
daily routine

sundays are pretty chill around the harris house.
we wake up at 8:30 and hurry and get ready for church.

we attend church for 3 hours where i sometimes sneak pictures of my husband.

during the second and third hour of church, our calling is to teach the little 6&7 year old nuggets.

after church we come home and most definitely take a nap.
especially today...daylight savings killed me!!

matt sleeps with an eye cover every night and it makes me laugh!!

after our nap, i usually read or tidy up while matt does homework.
we then go up to matt's parents or my parent's house
(or sometimes both!)
for family dinner, dessert, games, and good times

some of our cute nieces and nephew.

in the evening, we return home and usually watch an episode or two of something great.
right now it happens to be law & order SVU.

then i make up a grocery list and meal plan for the week, while matt does more homework.
i only go grocery shopping every two weeks, because i absolutely hate it.  pregnancy has made me despise being at the grocery store.

at ten we begin to wind down for the night, get ready for bed, read scriptures, say prayers, and every sunday night we watch the latest episode of walking dead online.

so creepy and slightly disturbing at times, yet so addicting!!

and that my friends, is a typical sunday at the harris abode.

be sure to tune in to the blog tomorrow!!
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