jobs, pet peeves, bucket list

playing catch up today with my march blog challenge.

day seven:
what's your dream job?

ultimately, i plan on staying home and raising my children.  i feel like being a mother is one of the greatest jobs one could have.  from a young age, i have always loved babies, children, and kids and i am so very excited for my own.

if i end up having to work while raising my children, then i would choose to be a teacher.
after all, that is what my degree is in.
like i said, a love for children, a love for learning... combine them both and a teacher is the perfect job for me!

something i have always wanted to do just for fun, except like most things in the world it costs an arm and a leg, is go to hair school and aesthetics school.  more like a hobby i wish to learn rather than a dream job, but still.  it would be right up my alley.

day eight:
biggest pet peeve

-i absolutely hate when i am using the bathroom and the shower curtain is closed.  
-people who don't use their blinker when turning or don't use the turning lane and stop in the middle of the road.
-when texting someone and they text right back, but you call them and they don't pick up.
-watching people pick their nose.
-when people rub their hands, feet, etc. on carpet.

to name a few.

day nine:
what is on your life list/bucket list?

i actually have never officially made one.
sad day.
some things i would like to do however include the following:

*visit all 50 states

*read 1,000 books

*adopt a baby

*travel with my husband

*watch friends for 24 hours straight while eating all of my favorite things

*watch a movie on the top level of a parking garage in the summer

*take at least one girls trip a year with my friends

one day, i hope to create a real, legit bucket list :)


nichole and ryan said...

that's so funny! i'm studying elementary ed right now, but would love to go to hair school some time too!

Rachel McCarty said...

haha oh the smelly 5th graders :)
wom i like reading about you even though i often know what your answers might be. also yeah we should plan some summer things, perhaps including a rode trip?? eh? oh and on it we could watch friends haha.