number six: 
last random act of kindness

today i served my husband in two ways.
number one.
on thursday mornings he goes to work at 3am and is at school until 7pm.
tonight as he was taking a shower i decided to help him out and prepare several snacks and meals for his extra early/long day.

the second act of kindness was that after looking at baby gap new arrivals and filling my cart with baby boy goodness, i didn't spend a single cent of our money.
boy did i want to.
but i did not, therefore i feel as if i did a service to my husband.
that counts right?!

seriously though, i die of cuteness.


Lex said...

...3am? I can't be reading that right. Poor guy! Good thing he had 3 pb&j sandwiches to make it through the day! :)

P.S. Dying over those cute Baby Gap clothes.

Kerri Andersen said...

it is SO HARD for me to resist baby girl clothes! i feel your pain!