day thirteen:
do you have regret?

i've often reflect back on my life and different paths it could have taken based on choices i made or did not make.  maybe some of them would have been better, and maybe some of them would have been worse.
but in the end, i am perfectly happy with where i am right here, right now.  in fact, i'm more than happy.
sure, there are things in my life i have done or gone through that i'm not particularly proud of.  moments i look back on and think "what the hell was i thinking?!"
but do i regret them?
absolutely not!

the decisions i have made good and bad in my life up to this point have brought me to probably the happiest point in my life that i have ever been.
i honestly believe that i would not be married to matt had i not made some of the not so good choices i made that some people may "regret."
i learned from them, i grew up, and i changed.
so i believe, no regrets.
but, that's just me :)


Amy Lynn said...

I am happy to say that I don't have many regrets. Only two, and while they were huge, luckily I'm still in the same place in my life I would have been had I not made them! So, I try to look at them as a lesson learned :)

Amy Lynn said...
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