spring break: instagram style

teaching second grade whilst being pregnant sometimes kicks my butt.
i was very happy that i was able to benefit from the week long spring break.
here is how i spent it...

top left/right: gained a baby niece.  baby ivy... she is absolutely adorable.
bottom left: slowly starting to get babies nursery together. i am so indecisive about what i want
bottom right: thrifted this handmade gem... can't wait to put the baby in it.

top left: watched conference in a giant theater. love hearing the good words...find more about it at lds.org
top right: lots of time with family.  this was pure joy!
bottom left: glucose test. sickest thing of my life.  it literally tasted like sugary flat soda with a burning oil after taste.  good news though, all of my test came out good :)
bottom right: i went to park city dressed for spring, only to be welcomed by snow.  needless to say, i had to add socks to my wardrobe for warmth.

top left: i got to take a quick trip down south to the warmth with my mom and niece and nephews.  i'm teaching the baby to love the sun!! laying out at 29 weeks.
top right: perks of shopping with my mom...she bought me a new dress, so i took a selfie to show the husband who did not come on the trip.  i have a feeling i'm going to be wearing lots of dresses and skirts as the weather gets warmer.
bottom left: going out to dinner with my niece oaklee... we had twinner hair.
bottom right: completed two books over the break :)

i'm almost certain that there should be some sort of week long break every other week.  would you not agree?
and just because...
i'm obsessed with this song right now.

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Kerri Andersen said...

glad you had a good break! i just took the glucose test too. it was really hard to drink that whole thing! turns out i failed my glucose test so now i have to do the 3 hour one! yuck!

Tregani Lanham said...

I love your dress. Also baby Ivy is beautiful.

nichole and ryan said...

i'm obsessed with that song too! so good! and that dress looks fantastic on you.