loving// spending time outdoors with my boys.  every sunday after church we go up the canyon.  it has been so fun to explore new places together as a little family.  i kid you not when i say my child loves nature.  i'm sure it's just the stimulation overload, but he can't get enough.  also, utah is so beautiful and i love living here.

wishing// i had extra money to go shopping.  it seems like i spend all my money on baby clothes these days which i love.  buuuut, i'm wanting some new updates for my wardrobe.  i'm in one of those "i have a closet full of clothes and yet feel like i have nothing to wear" phase.  does anyone else ever feel like that?

waiting// for my newest baby nephew. he's not due for a few more weeks, but i am so excited!!  after having my own newborn, it has made me appreciate those little bundles of pure, fresh joy oh so much.

thinking// about starting a monthly or possibly weekly post (eventually maybe a link-up) called "people watching wednesday"  where i will post my latest people watching gems.  you see, i find pure joy in taking sneaky pictures of interesting people i see around. 
refer to here and here

eating// everything in sight!! seriously though. lately i have had the biggest appetite and get the late night munchies like none other.  i think it's from nursing, but man i swear all i think about is food.  i can't tell you how many times a day i tell matt what sounds good or what i am craving.

addicted// to beverages.  it's so bad.  i think it's safe to say that matt and i go on a beverage run 5 out of the 7 days of the week.  it's amazing that i'm not 500 pounds because i feel like i have consumed a beefy amount of soda lately.  those dirty dr peppers just call my name.

grateful// for a loving husband who works his booty off.  i don't share my appreciation enough, but he needs to know how much i admire him.  i am a weird duck and he loves me regardless.

what are you currently doing?


Jennie Grange said...

cutest pictures!

angel ruth said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! you are adorable!!! okay so wishing about shopping.. totally feel your pain!!! all i shop for is baby clothes as well haha they are so cute and you want your kid cute but then yes i look at my closet and want to die!!! and what am i currently doing.. dealing with a clogged milk duct that keeps coming back in my left boob and it's killing me :( and then jg dropped my phone in the toilet last night so it's chillin in rice... hope it comes back to life soon!!!

Kerri Andersen said...

i get late night munchies too! it has GOT to be the nursing!

Cara Howard said...

Cutest little family EVER.