newport: the rest

the last few days of the trip were spent at the beach, newport pier, venice beach, and hollywood.
i'm pretty sure i was put on this earth to spend my days at the beach.
now i just need to move near one :)

beach with bryce and caitlin
on this day it was a bit chilly, so the boys braved the water for a bit and then we explored some tide pools.

there is the cave in which i became a finace' :)

cutest b&c

later that night, we headed to newport pier and then dinner with the fam at bubba gumps.
looking at the sea lions :)

 sea food is so delicious.
also the man taking this picture struggled big time and most were blurry.
haha this one is a winner.

all in all, the trip was a great one.
for some reason i didn't take pictures of the last day when we went to venice beach, LA, hollywood etc.
but it was good nonetheless.
i love me a good vacation.
i can't wait to go back!

trip recap



paige and jord said...

oh am, i loved reading about your trip. especially the engagement part. im just tooooo excited for you girl! hope the planning is going well. xo

Samantha said...

so i tried earlier to leave a comment on your engagement post but it wouldn't let me but ahhhhhh!!! congrats!! so excited for you and such a cool story!

Rachel McCarty said...

cute :)

haleybrianna said...

I just can't get over how cute and happy y'all are! :)